Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Most Bizarre Photo I Ever Took

Well, maybe not, but I was struck by the rorschach-esquesness (if I may coin a term) of this thing. Taken from a vantage point mere feet from another photo in this blog, this unretouched image was made with a cheap* semi-disposable camera. Said camera was purchased more than twenty-eight months ago during a brief a stop in Coral Bay, Australia.

The camera has languished in various drawers ever since. So, this week, I decided to finish off the roll of film; resulting in this...this...I don't know what to call it.

A work of art? You decide.

*quality-wise, that is...the bloody thing cost me $50AUD!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Carter Confession Controversy
By Willard Biscuit

The shocking revelation that button(s) were actually pushed
during the filming of the cult classic "Compan" is raising eye-
brows in indie film circles as well as the aluminum hat-wearing
community. Were the lyrics of "Mr. Rick" really a warning? Did
everything start going downhill after Carter innocently pushed
that little button?

The truth, as we know, is out there: Carter did not have any
intention of pushing a button. Actually, after all these years
he says it may NOT have been a button at all; it might
have been a rocker switch, or even a dial

that was manipulated. Carter, always a curious type, was
simply wondering how much force would be required to activate
the unidentified control. Of course, he applied just enough...
Did the button do anything at all? Or is the state of the world
today a result of his careless fiddling?