Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Carter Confession Controversy
By Willard Biscuit

The shocking revelation that button(s) were actually pushed
during the filming of the cult classic "Compan" is raising eye-
brows in indie film circles as well as the aluminum hat-wearing
community. Were the lyrics of "Mr. Rick" really a warning? Did
everything start going downhill after Carter innocently pushed
that little button?

The truth, as we know, is out there: Carter did not have any
intention of pushing a button. Actually, after all these years
he says it may NOT have been a button at all; it might
have been a rocker switch, or even a dial

that was manipulated. Carter, always a curious type, was
simply wondering how much force would be required to activate
the unidentified control. Of course, he applied just enough...
Did the button do anything at all? Or is the state of the world
today a result of his careless fiddling?


Parm said...

OK, I've lost all pretense of coolness or aloofness. This just plain made me LOL!

And little did I suspect, let alone see, the (in hindsight) ever so clear link to another One Little Button of fame, infamy, and redoubt! Oh, what a tangled web!!

Fudd said...

It doesn't really matter if it was a button, knob or lever...the man with the little button does it ALL!!

Fudd said...

Testing, testing, 1-2-3-4, hello, sibilance...does this thing work?

yawndave said...

A little inside baseball info: this post was imagined and honed to semi-perfection during the hike alluded to in the previous post. The mind wanders, along with the feet sometimes.

Parm said...

Does the mind wander more when it's hiking "all down hill," or are uphill sojourns equally as inviting?

yawndave said...

Well, IME, the mind on the uphill portion is more inclined to thoughts such as "How much longer do these friggin' switchbacks go?".

Not to mention on the way back: one thinks, sometimes,"Thanks for that last uphill stretch, trailblazers!"

Either way, there are moments when I'm off in a reverie, contrary to my preferred, in-the-moment mode. Perhaps that's the benefit of being out in the natural world for me...getting a chance to mull over mundane thoughts in a stress-free setting?

yawndave said...

"...the mind on the uphill portion is more inclined..."

Well, of course it is.

Parm said...

Hmmm. The mind, working uphill, is inclined . . . .

Seems like a lyric in there somewhere trying to get out . . . .